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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh

Rasulullah SAW decree when digging drain in Khandaq war, "..Konstantinopel (now Istanbul) are going to fall to Muslim army hand. The Raja is once king, the military is once military." (Story hadith Imam Ahmad) Muslims race free Konstantinopel to seek honour that pledged by Allah SWT
in that hadith. However, all campaign that launched meeting failure. Among them, five campaigns in Umaiyyah Government's time, a campaign in Abbasiyyah Government's
time and two campaigns in Uthmaniyyah Government's time. In one of campaign during Umaiyyah Government's time, a Nabi SAW friend namely Abu Ayyub Al-Ansary RA has martyr and entombed under Kota Constantinople stronghold wall above one's own will. When asked why he want entombed there so he replying, "Aku wish to hear once horse footprint derapan king that will be leading once their current military free Konstantinopel". So strong him faith a Nabi SAW's large friend. This Nabi SAW hadith realisation almost 800 years then by Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh, caliph ke-7 Uthmaniyyah Government with the 150,000 servicemen. Whom Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh? What king greatness and the troops until mentioned "once king" and "once military" in that hadith? Short Biodata Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh king born around 29th of March 1432 Masihi in Adrianapolis (border Turkey – Bulgaria). However, king life history actually have started almost 800 previous year the birth because has been mentioned as "once king" in Hadis just now. King also known by title Muhammad Al-Fateh due to success free Konstantinopel. King ascendancy at the age of 19 years and rule for 30 years (1451 – 1481). King is a premier statesman and great warlord that lead itself 25 military campaign. King die on 3rd of May 1481 ill effect gout. There is historian think king die poisoned. altaltEducation King getting education that comprehensive and integrated. In religious aspect, the teacher is Syeikh Shamsuddin Al-Wali alleged from Sayyidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq RA origin. In war knowledge on the other hand, king instructed on war tactics, shooting and riding by military panglima-panglima. In academic field on the other hand, king is a premier scholar in the time that speak fluent in seven languages namely Bahasa Arab, Latin, of Greece, Serbian, Turkey, Persian and Hebrew. In rule field of knowledge on the other hand, the father Murad II Sultan, in order to educate, when go bersuluk to Pulau Magnesia, had appointed king that is just aged 12 years acting post Khalifah. In this age as young as king has matured handle enemy blarney. Personality King always devout. When building Benteng Rumeli Hissari, king take off clothes and the turban, lift stone and sand to ulamas and ministers has to follow same work. King one that always cool, reserved, brave, patient, strict and strong keep rule secret. King really love ulamadan always discussed with them on country problems. Early Preparation Free Konstantinopel For 2 years after ascendancy, Baginda study Kota Kostantinopel plan nightly to identify the weakness point. King also study failure reasons earlier campaigns and discussed with the warlords on on strategy suitably to be applied. King direct built up-to-date war equipment such as big gun that can shoot as heavy as bomb 300 kg as far as 1 stones. Rumeli Hissari embankment built in side of bank Europe, approximately 5 stones from Kota Constantinople where Selat Bosphorus is that narrowest. It built contrary to Benteng Anadolu Hisar in side of bank Asia that was constructed by Bayazid Yildirim Sultan ago. This embankment guard closely ships that cross Selat Bosphorus. Peace agreement are made with Wallachia party, Serbian and Hungary to isolate Konstantinopel when attacked later. King bring together theologians and motivation expert to the battlefield to burn the military jihad spirit. Once approaching Kota Konstantinopel stronghold wall, king direct shouted azan and prayers congregate. Byzantine military afraid see 150,000 Islamic militia prayed behind their leaders with Islamic religious praises call break nature silence. Launch attack on Konstantinopel After all complete preparation arranged, king send envoy to Raja Bizantin ask him surrender. Raaja Bizantin refusal surrender result in that city besieged. On 19th of April 1453, attack started. That city hujani cannonball for 48 days. The half outside wall break down but the middle wall still strong. altTower Move After that Baginda direct tower usage move that higher from Byzantine stronghold wall and loading hundred servicemen. Byzantin military succeed destroy that tower after it penetrate their stronghold middle wall. Support-from Pope Vatican Pope in Rome send 5 fruit help navy that are filled with weapon and military. Teluk Golden Horn waters tautened with iron chain to prevent Uthmaniyyah navy's advance. This raise up again Bizantin military's spirit. Launch Warship from Mountain Top Their joy shortly. The the next morning, they startled with 72 fruit presence Uthmaniyyah warship in Teluk Golden Horn waters. This is Baginda wisdom's result transport ships on mountain and then launched again to Teluk Golden Horn waters. This tactic confessedly between war tactics (warfare strategy) the best in the world by own West historians. The ships then bombard back defence wall city. Military brown ships Bizantin burnt away Uthmaniyyah artillery barrage's deck. Bizantin defence become increasingly vulnerable. King cash in on at night him by give spirit to the military and warning them to Rasulullah SAW hadith and pray together to SWT Allah. Climb and Catapult City Wall The the next morning Uthmaniyah army try climb inner wall stronghold with ladder and try demolish with large catapult. Bizantin party's violent opposition caused many that martyr. King order the military retreat and artillery barrage continues until afternoon. Charisma A Leader Siege for 53 days without any success signs has cause boring feeling and losing Baginda military's confidence. In moment that this critical king speaking increase the military spirit, "My Wahai military, I prepare to die in Allah road. Anyone who want martyr follow I". Hear the, Hasan Ulubate , one of king military leading group small 30 servicemen open and hopped on enemy stronghold immediately pitch Islamic flag there. They all fall martyr after snowed under enemy arrow. Then Islamic troops raid continuous penetrate Bizantin line of defence while yell out phrase Allahu Akbar. Our daybreak enough leadership deficiency that alive people and charismatic such as Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh to return civilization and kegemilanagan this ISLAM back. Come on, we start move conquer self as Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh endeavoured conquer Konstantinopel's great city.  altConstantinople Capture On 29th of May 1453, Kota Konstantinopel sank to Islamic hand. King change his name to Islambol (Islamic overall) . Besar St. Sophies church changed to Masjid Aya Sofiya. King with humble him grease land to the forehead pass do bow blessing. Since this event Baginda given title "Al-Fateh" namely that mean "opener" or "conqueror" because the success free Konstantinopel. Once King and Once Military In Friday prayers first time want to be built, arise question who that be eligible imam. King order all the military including himself get up immediately ask, "Siapa among us since puberty until now have left fardhu prayer even once, please sit!" No one also that sit, because no one also among them have left fardhu prayer. King ask any, "Siapa among us that since puberty heretofore have left optional prayer rawatib, please sit!" Part of the military sit. Then king ask any, "Siapa among you since puberty to to this moment have left prayers tahajjud although one night, please sit!" Kali this is all sit, except own Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh. King never leave fardhu prayer, optional prayer rawatib and prayers tahajjud since puberty. King once king that has been signalled by Rasulullah SAW in the hadith. alt 

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